Get Tough Stains And Dirt Out

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your commercial business needs to look and feel great to keep your customers coming back and referring you to their friends. Tough stains, heavy dirt, and smelly carpets are not going to benefit your business. Professional commercial carpet cleaning is a fantastic resource when you need to reach deep down in carpet fibers and pull out those hard-to-remove spots and stains. By calling RestoreMore, you are taking that necessary step to make your business look and feel its best.

Proper commercial carpet cleaning requires the use of commercial-grade steam cleaning equipment that utilizes hot water and high-powered extraction to deep clean your carpets. When the water and steam don’t get hot enough, your carpet won’t get deep cleaned and won’t dry as quickly. Using commercial-grade equipment allows us to clean deeper than just surface-level dirt and grime.

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It’s Not Just The People

It’s The Commercial-Grade
Carpet Cleaning Equipment

If you use a portable carpet cleaning machine (or even had a “professional” use this type of machine), you might see a lot of dirt coming out of the carpet and think it’s doing a good job of cleaning, but there is still a lot of dirt in there. You might be satisfied with the immediate results, but after a few weeks, your carpets will return to that “needs cleaned” stage.

This lower-quality equipment isn’t able to heat the water to as high of a temperature that is needed to effectively clean your carpets. This means that your carpets won’t rinse as well, leaving behind residue and dirt. This equipment also doesn’t provide high-powered extraction, which can leave your carpets wet, opening the door to bacteria and mildew growth.

At RestoreMore, we use commercial-grade carpet cleaning equipment. This high-quality equipment dramatically restores heavily soiled carpet back to its original condition and color. It also smells great, making your building feel fresh and clean. The difference it makes is unbeatable. RestoreMore brings the best equipment and expertise to your business when cleaning carpets.

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Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Services

The state of your commercial flooring is essential in maintaining a business. Dirty, gross looking floors are not going to leave the best impression on your customers.

RestoreMore offers regularly scheduled cleanings so that you don’t have to worry about setting up each new appointment. Whether you need monthly, quarterly or bi-annual cleaning, we will take care of you and your commercial carpets.