Water Damage Restoration: Save Your Laminate Floor

Posted by: RestoreMore on June 13, 2021

Laminate flooring and water do not play well together. Other types of flooring like ceramic, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl, and sheet vinyl are for more resistant to water. Laminate flooring can quickly receive significant damage in high moisture environments, especially if it isn’t installed properly. If your laminate flooring is ever affected by water damage, here are four tips from our water damage restoration experts at RestoreMore in the Racine area on how you can save your laminate flooring.  

Water On Top Of The Flooring

The tops of laminate floors is very resistant to water. In fact, if that is the only exposure laminate flooring has during a flood, the damage should be very minimal. Thus, your agenda during the cleanup process should be to keep the floodwater on top of your flooring. The problems occur when it gets underneath your laminate flooring. To remove the water as quickly as possible, you can use water pumps, wet-dry vacuums, and fans to speed up the water damage restoration process

Water Below The Laminate Flooring

Once the floodwater reaches this point, it is imperative that you work to remove the water without delay. Your best option at this point is probably to remove the affected floorboards. Floorboards that run parallel to the spill may be simple to remove (after the quarter-round and baseboards have been taken up) since the last course of parallel laminate boards should tilt upward. You can then progressively take up boards as far as you need. Floorboards that run perpendicular to the flood can’t be removed quite so easily. If the flood is pervasive enough, however, you will need to remove these as well. 

Replacing Laminate Tiles

If the laminate boards become warped or bent as a result of the flood, then they will need to be replaced. Be careful that they are straight when they are pulled off the floor. Drying them in a bent position can cause them to remain in that position and be damaged permanently. Even if the damage to the tiles was minimal, you may still want to replace them. Laminate tiles are fairly inexpensive. You may even choose to replace them anyways if you have had the laminate tiles for a long time and you are ready for an upgrade. 

Rules For Installment In Water-Prone Areas

The key to installing laminate flooring in areas prone to water damage is folding the tile up against the wall by two inches. Also, make sure that you fill the laminated expansion areas to allow for contraction and expansion in a flood. 

Water Damage Restoration In Racine

Although laminate flooring is susceptible to water damage, acting quickly and responsibly can save your flooring after a flood. Don’t forget that a key element of the cleanup process is calling a professional cleaning and restoration company for help. At RestoreMore in Racine, we are just one call away and here to help with any water damage restoration emergencies you may have.

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