Water Damage And Your Health

Posted by: RestoreMore on May 7, 2021

Your home is not the only thing at risk after a flood. The safety and health problems that occur during the water damage cleanup process are also important considerations. Water damage cleanup is more involved and dangerous than most people think and underestimating the dangers can lead to unnecessary dangers and health problems. To help you avoid these problems in the water damage cleanup process, below are three of the most common health and safety concerns to be aware of after a flood according to our restoration experts at RestoreMore in Racine.

Contaminated Water

Floodwater is rarely clean. It usually contains some level of contamination that can be very harmful if ingested or even touched in some cases. Before doing anything that involves touching the floodwater, make sure that the water is not contaminated. If you aren’t sure, always assume that it is contaminated until proven otherwise. If there is some contamination, even just a low amount, you are best suited to leave the cleanup work to the professionals. Professional cleaning and restoration companies have the proper equipment and experience to clean up flood water that includes all levels of contamination safely. The most serious type of contaminated flood water to worry about is flood water that contains raw sewage or harsh chemicals. It is extremely dangerous to be in contact with this type of water and it is never advisable that you attempt to clean it up on your own.  

Mold Growth

Mold growth is almost always a secondary consequence of water damage. Some types of mold are more harmful than others. Black mold, for example, can cause serious health issues and respiratory problems while many other types of mold cause minor respiratory or allergy-like symptoms at the most. The key to preventing this from becoming a serious problem is to remove the water from your home as quickly as possible. The sooner you do that, the less time the mold will have to grow and spread. 

Structural Damage

This is not as big of a safety concern with water damage as other factors may be, but it is still worth noting. Flooding or water erosion may weaken the foundation or structures in your home unbeknownst to you. This could cause parts of your home to collapse without warning. It isn’t likely this will happen but it certainly is possible – so it’s wise to have your home inspected by a professional after a flood. 

Cleaning up your home after a flood is enough trouble. The last thing you need is to get sick or injured by making a mistake after the flood occurs. We hope you find the information above helpful for preventing that from happening to you. Finally, the best way to ensure that you are safe during the cleanup process is to simply let the professionals handle it for you. Our team of restoration experts at RestoreMore in Racine is just one call away and available 24/7 to respond to any of your water damage restoration needs.

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