Sliding Doors Can Become A Water Damage Restoration Issue

Posted by: RestoreMore on September 3, 2021

Beautiful sliding glass doors can cover a long wall space with two or more wide panels, offering an unobstructed view of the outside creating the illusion of a bigger inside area. Technology has vastly improved functionality in modern building materials. Plus quality sliding glass doors protect your valuables. Low-emissivity coatings on many windows, doors, and skylights reduces UV sun damage to floors, carpets, and furniture. 

Whether constructed of vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum, these movable glass walls are heavy. 

These big, beautiful, movable windows let in so much light– but sometimes they let in water. Over the years, several things can go wrong and cause water damage that requires professional restoration services. Water always finds a way, even the smallest cracks. 

When water does get in, have our water damage restoration team in Milwaukee come and fix the doors and restore any water damage.

Water Damage Restoration In Milwaukee 

Leaky Doors Are An Easy Fix

In general, sliding doors must have an inch or two water threshold dam. With such strong requirements, if you are still finding water intrusion after general maintenance and a weatherstripping installation, your sliding glass doors or impact windows may not be properly installed. If the door was installed directly on the concrete slab, water could be seeping under the doorframe. If the door is installed at the edge of the roof overhang, water could be leaking from the top of the sliding glass doors.

Check the inside and outside grooves under the door. Those weep holes are designed to allow water to drain away. Small slots in the exterior section of track provide drainage when water comes in contact with the glass door. When the openings become clogged with dirt and debris, use a crevice tool (or old toothbrush) to clear them, or spray compressed air from a can into the opening. You may also need to drill additional slots for better drainage. If you have tried this fix and still have trouble, call the water damage restoration team out to take a look. 


Since a slider has two layers of glass, there is a temperature differential. Depending on the conditions, water vapor can condense on the interior pane. As it accumulates, it can run down the glass and pool on the floor. Be diligent about checking any carpeting ear the door for wetness. If a dehumidifier can’t solve this problem, you need to replace the door; try a new French door instead. 

If you have water damage anywhere in your Milwaukee home, we will have a team on site in an hour. As certified professionals, the staff and field technicians follow guidelines and protocols for restoration services, including state, federal, and IICRC guidelines. Our water damage restoration team has committed the time and resources to be prepared for any water damage emergency with the right equipment and the necessary training.

With RestoreMore, your water damage restoration emergency will be treated quickly, effectively and with the highest attention to detail. Our water damage restoration team will make sure that your home recovers from water damage — better than ever. More than just qualified, certified and customer-centric, RestoreMore is your business neighbor and community partner.

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