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Posted by: RestoreMore on September 14, 2021

Fire definitely has a negative connotation. It has many qualities and causes lots of damage. Every year during the summer, the news always broadcasts forest fires happening across the world. The damage that comes from those fires are devastating; however, most times, they could have been avoided by properly extinguishing a campfire or following state fire protocols. Just like avoiding a devastating forest fire, we can avoid house fires as well. In order to avoid terrible house fires, we need to understand the main causes of fires. From the fire damage restoration professionals at Restore More, in Milwaukee, here are a few places in your home that fires can start, and how to prevent potential fire damage and restoration costs:

Fire Damage Restoration In Milwaukee


From the equipment to the process, cooking poses many risks. Stoves, ovens, toaster ovens, and other appliances use a vast amount of heat to cook our food. This is all fine and dandy until something goes wrong. The top causes of kitchen fire damage are unattended cooking, oil/ grease, and utensils being too close to the heat source. 

These can be avoided simply by paying attention. Set timers for food in the oven or on the stove, keep rags and utensils away from heat sources, and learn simple cooking tasks. These tasks range from knowing how to handle oil or what temperature to cook things at. Doing these simple things decrease the risk for fire and smoke damage and restoration costs in the future. 


Especially during winter months, house heating, portable heaters, fireplaces, etc. are used more frequently. There is no problem with that; however, sometimes these can cause curtains or furniture to catch fire. Most of the time these fires happen when the resident is away from the home; therefore, turning off portable heaters and fireplaces while being gone or during the night decreases fires from these appliances. In addition, placing portable heaters away from furniture and curtains decreases overheating and therefore, fires. 


Candles are used for decorations and for scents, but there are many risks associated with them. Similar to heaters, candles that are placed near paper, tissues, curtains, or other material are at risk for starting a fire. Simply blowing the candle out when leaving the home or when going to sleep will decrease the risk for house fires and the potential damage and restoration costs that are sure to follow. 

Electrical Wiring 

Electrical equipment is everywhere in our home. It provides light, power, heat, etc. Despite the good things that electricity helps us with, there are dangers associated with it. Electrical wires can fray, deteriorate, or be faulty which can cause sparks, and therefore, fires. Appliances such as toasters or even blenders can cause sparks from frayed wires, overheating, or overuse.

Keep a lookout for frayed wires or weird smells from your appliance. These may be signs the appliance is deteriorating which is a risk for fire damage. If your lights get dim, fuses blow frequently, or appliances have to be unplugged for another to work, are all signs that electrical wiring is failing. If you notice these signs, call an electrician. This will decrease the changes for fires within the home.


At a young age, children are curious about many things. As they grow older so does the curiosity; consequently, fire risks can increase as well. Innocent children can play with matches or lighters which can result in house fires. Simply locking cabinets with fire hazards can decrease house fires

By paying attention to these simple steps, you will be able to avoid many fire damages that can occur in your home. However, if you do experience any sort of fire damage, be sure to contact local fire damage restoration companies, like those at Restore More, to ensure the best care! 

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