How You Can Recover After Water Damage

Posted by: RestoreMore on November 21, 2021

Water damage in your Milwaukee home can cause a lot of problems. The sooner everything is dried and cleaned up, the easier it is to repair damage and mitigate any further damage. When you call Restore More to respond to your water damage, you can rest assured that we will be there as soon as possible to begin the restoration process. How exactly does the restoration process work? We will walk you through how we get your home cleaned and restored following a water disaster.

Water Damage In Milwaukee

First things first, the source of the water damage needs to be identified and resolved. Once the source of water has been stopped, water needs to be extracted as quickly as possible. By using commercial-grade extractors, our technicians are able to pump out water in large amounts. If the water source contains sewage, the only safe and adequate way to extract it is with professional equipment that can thoroughly remove the water and clean and sterilize water-damaged areas.

After all the water has been extracted, drying can begin. High-speed structural drying is an advanced drying system that speeds up drying time, reducing the potential for mold growth and helping get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Oscillating fans will help dry up the water, but restoration air movers are much more efficient at drying. Getting adequate airflow will drastically decrease drying time, allowing the rest of the restoration process to commence much sooner. Drying the water completely is the most important step in any water damage repair, so the use of professional-grade equipment is extremely beneficial.

The air in areas that have sustained water damage is full of moisture. If this moisture is left in the air, it can accumulate on surfaces or in walls, and be an incubator for mold growth. Dehumidifiers accelerate evaporation and pull moisture out of the air and materials that are harboring moisture. Dehumidifiers can draw in air at rates around 400 CFM, helping to dry out rooms quickly. Restoration teams can monitor the drying process through every phase to ensure that proper drying occurs with the use of dehumidifiers.  

Once your home is thoroughly dried, we can then perform water remediation (if necessary), repair services where needed, and cleaning services. We offer steam carpet cleaning and replacement services for damaged floors or walls. Our end goal is to get your home back to normal while minimizing any other potential problems. We know exactly what to do to restore a home, or business, after water damage, and we follow industry standards and best practices to ensure your loss is handled safely and adequately. We take pride in being locally owned and operated, and provide the best damage restoration services in Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin. So whether the damage is caused by outdoor flooding, a malfunctioning appliance, overflow from a sink or toilet, a sewage backup, or a leaky pipe, we know how to stop and resolve the problem. 

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