Hail, Freezing Rain and Sleet Can Cause Water Damage And Restoration Costs

Posted by: RestoreMore on October 13, 2021

While it’s nice to escape from the oppressive heat and frequent storms of summer, cold  Wisconsin weather brings risk to your roof and home. One of the most devastating sources of roof damage is water: snow, sleet, freezing rain. Commonly known as a “wintry mix” during weather reports, freezing rain can cause lasting damage to your roof if you’re not prepared.

Both freezing rain and sleet occur by the same general process: liquid raindrops in a layer of warm air well above the surface fall into a layer of freezing air hugging the ground.  The difference between these two wintry precipitation types depends on the thickness of the layer of freezing air.

Freezing rain occurs when the layer of freezing air is so thin that the raindrops do not have enough time to freeze before reaching the ground. Sleet is simply frozen raindrops and occurs when the layer of freezing air along the surface is thicker.   

Ice in all forms  can rapidly add weight to tree branches and power lines, causing them to snap or break. In addition to these fallen branches causing damage to whatever they land on the roof.

Water Damage Restoration In Milwaukee 


Sleet pellets are usually much smaller than hail, so immediate damage to your home’s exterior is far less likely to occur during a winter storm, but that doesn’t mean they are not harmful. As sleet builds up, it can further damage an aging or weaker roof. When the roof is compromised by sleet, the water can leak into your attic. This can also cause your shingles to be loosened and standing pools of water to collect on your rooftop.  

When roof shingles age, they become brittle and loosen that can allow moisture to get underneath them. If too much water is allowed to accumulate this can place undue stress on your roof. The same problems can afflict older siding. Old and worn out siding tends to have chips, cracks, holes or open seams that can allow water to get behind them.

Make repairs now. In spring when the sun is starting to warm up the ground and your home more thoroughly. Warmer temperatures cause surprising expansion and contraction issues that trigger more damage. 

Ice Dams

When outside air temperatures are in the 20s for several days with several inches of snow on the roof, we are a risk for water damage and repairs from an ice dam. Since the temperature in your attic is above freezing, snow on the roof will likely melt. When the liquid then runs down the roof and hits the colder eaves, it refreezes. 

If this cycle repeats over several days, the freezing snowmelt builds up and forms a dam of ice, behind which water pools up into large puddles. This build up becomes an “ice dam” which can grow to damage the shingles. 

Signs of Real Issues

When you stroll around the home,  check for damage on your roof. Pay attention to the following common issues as much as possible. If you see damage, investigate further to identify any water damage. 

  • Damaged Flashing – If the flashing of your roof shows signs of real damage, then there is a good chance that you’re going to experience leaks in the near future
  • Bubbles On Your Roof – This problem occurs when moisture gets trapped under your roof cover – which commonly occurs with sleet – and causes hard-to-fix damage
  • Cracks Throughout Your Roof Structure – Multiple cracks throughout your roof, such as on your singles or on the roof structure, can indicate widespread damage that you need to manage as soon as possible

You simply can’t perform DIY on these types of problems – you’re likely to do more damage to your roof than good if you try. If you suspect any damage that could allow water into your home, call the water damage restoration specialists. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration In Milwaukee 

Wisconsin winters are always a challenge. If your home has suffered water damage and cleanup due to rain, snow, or severe winds, call Milwaukee’s best ream. Our water damage restoration specialists make sure that your home recovers from water damage and cleanup– better than ever. More than just qualified, certified and customer-centric, RestoreMore is your business neighbor and community partner. Count on our water damage restoration team to maintain your office and home carpets.

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