Don’t Let Mold Sneak Into Your Home This Summer

Posted by: RestoreMore on June 15, 2022

Summer is a time of carefree fun, family vacations, days spent by the pool, and relaxing in the sunshine. However,  lurking behind these fun times, the threat of mold is evermore present in your home during the warm summer months. Higher humidity, hotter temperatures, and more rain during this season increases the likelihood of mold entering and growing in your home. Being aware of these issues ahead of the summer months can help you prevent this unwanted “house guest”.

Mold loves to grow in warm and moist areas. Preventing that environment from being created in the first place is a great place to start when trying to avoid mold growth in your home. An easy way to tell if the humidity is high in your house is by looking for condensation. This can come up in normal places like around a soda can (which is a minor example) or on a  toilet tank or sink basin. This is an indicator that it is warm and humid enough for mold to grow in those areas. To avoid this, try setting your air conditioner to a lower temperature to keep it nice and cool throughout your home. Another option you can try is buying a dehumidifier for those troublesome areas. They can remove the unwanted moisture from the air and keep the area dryer.

As the temperature on the thermostat rises so does the risk of mold growing in your home. While summer heatwaves are unavoidable, keeping your home cool should be a priority for your comfort and to avoid mold growth. Try to maintain a household temperature of under 80 degrees. This is also important even when you are away from home on vacation or at the cabin.

April showers may bring May flowers, but big summer storms can end up dumping large amounts of water on your neighborhood too. This increased amount of water can enter your house through cracks in your roof, foundation, or siding. This water, even if it is just a small amount, can help mold start to grow in spaces throughout your house. Make sure your home is water tight and inspect for leaks every year before the wet season.

The last thing you want during your carefree summer is to worry about mold growing and spreading throughout your home. Make sure to take precautions year round, but especially during the summer mold season, can help you have the blissful summer you imagined. If you suspect that you might already have mold in your home, our team of professionals can help! Call us today to schedule an at-home inspection.

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