5 Tips for Keeping Moisture Out of a Commercial Building During a Storm

Posted by: RestoreMore on January 2, 2022

Commercial property owners should do everything they can to limit the amount of moisture that gets into a building during a storm. Here are five tips on preparing for a storm and responding to rain damage.

1. Test exterior doors for wind strength. Make sure all exterior doors are rated to stand up to high wind speeds. The frames should be secured and the flashing, sealant, and tracks designed to limit the amount of water that can get into the building.

2. Enhance the building envelope. Builders and retrofitters recommend strategically implementing air barriers, capillary breaks, and vapor barriers to prevent moisture from permeating through porous building materials. A moisture-resistant envelope can also help to prevent black mold from developing.

3. Waterproof your roof. Waterproofing prolongs the life of a roof by preventing ambient moisture from permeating this part of the structure and leaks from forming.

4. Clear the drainage system. An effective drainage system is very important for limiting the amount of moisture or water that can cause rain damage. Make sure that roof drains, downspouts, and gutters are clear and that the water drains away from the foundation of the building.

5. Keep sandbags and plastic sheeting on hand. In case any part of a structure such as a door or window fails, owners should have sandbags and plastic sheeting available to limit the amount of water that gets into a commercial property.

These five tips can help property owners keep moisture and water out of a commercial property. When it comes to preventing rain damage and secondary damage such as black mold, following these steps and making sure that the building envelope is as waterproof as possible are the best ways to prepare your building for a storm. If your property admits too much moisture or sustains water damage, contact RestoreMore.

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